Petra Holíková is a visual artist and designer based in the Czech Republic. 
Growing up, she spent a lot of time in a forest near her hometown, where she developed a strong attachment to nature. Her art is inspired by her love for animals, travel and the moments of everyday life. Although she typically works digitally, her favorite traditional mediums are graphite pencil and watercolor. 
Every piece of her artwork is crafted with precision and Petra's attention to detail is what makes her art so unique. From the intricate lines to the subtle use of colors and textures, she is able to create artworks that capture the imagination of the viewer. Her works often feature women in nature or at home, accompanied by lots of plants and animals but the focus is always on the beauty of a deep connection between humans and animals. 
Through her art, she hopes to capture the special moments of beauty, joy, and connection that can be found in nature and within ourselves. Petra strives to create art that is both meaningful and beautiful, and she hopes to bring a little bit of happiness and calm to people’s lives. 
When she is not drawing or painting, you can likely find her taking long walks, exploring art museums and helping animals in need.
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